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The aim of the Herbert Fiedler Project Foundation is to make a larger number of people familiar with the life and works of the painter Herbert Fiedler, against the backdrop of the times he lived in, which were eventful, both historically and in terms of the evolution of art.

On the14th May - 15th August 2001 ( 13 May 20001 vernisage at 16.00 hours) the Singer Museum in Laren (Netherlands) is organising a Herbert Fiedler retrospective in collaboration with the Foundation. Beatrice von Bormann is in charge of the preparations for the exhibition and producing a catalogue – which is to provide as complete as possible a survey of Herbert Fiedler's life and works. During recent years a large part of his diaries, travel writings and correspondence (including that with his student friend George Grosz) has been transcribed. The Rijksinstituut voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie (Netherlands Institute of Art History) in The Hague is participating in the continuation of what it agrees is an art-historically valuable project.

Can You Help?

A lot of material is owned by the Foundation or Sabine Frank-Fiedler, the artist's daughter. In addition, works and documents of Fiedler's (posters, photographs, letters etc.) are in private collections and museums both in the Netherlands and abroad (including the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Berlinische Galerie, Berlin; Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig; Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin). However, due to the nature of the times in which Fiedler lived, it is not known where some of his works are. Fiedler himself names some of the owners of his works in his diaries, among them

Frans Masereel, Jakob Schaffner, Heinrich Fiedler (New York), Marcellus Schiffer, Kurt Kahle (Berlin/Amsterdam), Hedwig Jaenichen-Woermann, Kaufmann Hahn (Charlottenburg, Berlin), C. Meinhard (probably Berlin) and Alfred Fiedler (Berlin, missing presumed dead).

Many of these people have died in the meantime. The works could also have changed owners for other reasons. We would therefore like to use this opportunity to ask for your assistance: please let the Foundation known if you own anything by Fiedler and/or know where works by him are located. All information will of course be treated in confidence and will only be used after thorough consultation and with the agreement of the owner. The purpose is to create as complete a record as possible of his works, and possibly to obtain works on loan for the exhibition. We have drawn up a form for compiling an inventory of works which we will be happy to send to you (or which you can download as a PDF file). If you have further questions, feel free to phone, fax or email us.

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Founded in 1981 by A. S. Frank-Fiedler and the sculptor Henricus Adrianus van der Meij. The committee members are the doctor and collector G. O. M. Dutilh, S. Frank-Fiedler, the lawyer B. W. M. D. Moerkercken van der Meulen and Hans van der Grinten (founder of the Schloß Moyland Museum).rist B. W. M. D. Moerkercken van der Meulen und Hans van der Grinten (Gründer Museum Schloß Moyland).

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